This is why so many Accounting & Financial organisations pick us: innovation, dependability, and trust. Their everyday activities are secure and effective thanks to our IT services, which are supported by our dedication to knowledge, excellence, cooperation, and integrity.

Through our unique portfolio of services, we partner with top Accounting & Financial businesses to optimise their financial processes. Through this relationship, they can better serve their customers while also streamlining their corporate operations.

Our Managed Security services adhere to regulatory frameworks with an emphasis on protecting sensitive information. In addition, we provide managed support and network services that improve daily operations, boost productivity, and support secure data management.

How we help Accounting, Finance and Legal organisations

Managed Support

  • Proactive Monitoring & Issue Resolution
  • Antivirus Protection & Updates
  • Backup Management & Recovery
  • Patch & Update Services
  • ITIL-Compliant Documentation & Reporting
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Remote User Support & Helpdesk Services
  • Onsite IT Support – Scheduled & Ad-hoc
  • 24/7 Support Availability & Emergency Services

Managed Security

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Cybersecurity Education & Training
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Management
  • Secure Data Backup
  • Data Archiving
  • Managed Cloud DRaaS

Managed Networks

  • Streamlined Connectivity Solutions
  • Proactive Network Monitoring
  • Secure and Reliable Internet Management

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