IT Advisory


Optimise your company’s performance with our Managed Advisory Services, which offer knowledgeable direction from virtual advisers like vCTO, vCIO, and vSDM. Profit from specialised advice, long-term IT strategies, compliance support, and seamless communication. Our team makes sure your technology supports your objectives and needs.

AESCSF Compliance

Utilise our extensive services to align with the 10 AESCSF key domains and protect your systems, data, and networks from online attacks. Maintain operational continuity, security, and integrity while fulfilling AESCSF standards for a dependable energy infrastructure.

Essential 8

By using our Essential Eight audit services, which include determining compliance and providing Managed Service products that are geared to fulfil Maturity Levels One to Three, you may improve security. Achieve the highest cybersecurity standards while protecting your company from threats and weaknesses.