Managed Security

Advanced Threat Protection

Our Advanced AV and EDR solution, which combines endpoint protection, detection, and response features, lowers risks. To streamline security procedures and strengthen defences, take advantage of cross-platform interoperability, comprehensive visibility, reduced analyst workload, automated threat resolution, and workload reduction. We strengthen your company by applying the MITRE ATT&CK framework, allowing you to concentrate on strategic projects.

Cybersecurity Education & Training

With our Cyber Awareness Training, you can inform your employees about the issues related to BYOD, remote working, and digital security. Take use of tailored learning routes, a variety of content, and relevant analytics to help employees develop a security attitude. Our streamlined, automated, and mobile-friendly training methodology ensures a safe, knowledgeable enterprise, boosting the overall cybersecurity of your company.

Vulnerability Scanning & Management

Designed for all organisational scales, our Vulnerability Management service will keep you safe. Enjoy features like asset discovery, ongoing vulnerability detection, managed prioritisation, and readable reporting. Gain visibility into potential hazards, reduce risks, and concentrate on pressing issues that demand quick action to create a safe and compliant organisation.

Secure Data Backup

With our Managed Backup Solution, which offers a thorough, safe, and dependable approach to data security, you can protect your important data. Profit from incremental backups, a user-friendly interface for organising and monitoring backups, and security-enhancing encryption.


Data Archiving

Our Managed Archive Solution offers safe, long-term data retention that is suited for regulatory and legal requirements. Utilise our secure storage location to access your files whenever you need to. With this solution, data preservation is prioritised, making it simple for you to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Managed DRaaS

With our Managed Private Compute solution, the best option for Disaster Recovery as a solution (DRaaS), you can protect your important apps and data. Profit from a focused and segregated environment that ensures safety and continuous accessibility in the case of a crisis, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.